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Galligan Living has the art to complete the set and get it right on the first take. Galligan's art has been featured on television and in Hollywood movies, including "House," "Scrubs," "Nip/Tuck," "Medium," "Parks and Recreation," "New Adventures of Old Christine," "Bones,""The X-list," "iCarly" and "Melrose Place.”

Television commercials include "Mega Millions,” "Oreo," "KFC," "Intuit" and "Walmart," just to name a few. And on the big screen, Galligan art can be seen in "The Hottie & the Nottie," starring Paris Hilton.

Whether you need a custom piece tomorrow or a pink cow now, we have hundreds of pieces of art in our studio for rental. From Abstract to Zebras, we've got you covered! It's a wrap!

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Set of “iCarly” Television Series


Fairmont Miramar Hotel Installation


Entrance to Kifune Restaurant


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