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Giving Back

"Giving back" for me is easy. It allows us to move forward. I will always enjoy helping out by donating my time, art and money to those I believe are worthy and in need."
—Chris Galligan

As a strong proponent of child and animal welfare, Galligan often donates his work to assistance organizations. A portion of every sale goes to nonprofit groups who share his ideals of peace, harmony and happiness for all living creatures.

John Wayne Cancer Institute
Cesar Milan Foundation
Humane Society of the United States     
Santa Ana Zoo
Santa Barbara Zoo
Wild Things
Monterey SPCA
Lolli Pop Theatre
For the Arts
Animal Avengers
Amanda Foundation





Galligan Living Is...

Galligan Living was created from Chris Galligan's passion, perseverance and talent—along with a lot of hard work! The idea was born from Galligan's art and fueled by the artist's evolution from self-styled "whimism" into an energizing philosophy of dream and reality converging into one. "I believe that if you can dream it, you can do it—that's what I call 'dreamality.'" explains Chris Galligan. "I have always known that I need to dream big and take massive action to achieve artistic success. Today, Galligan Living products and services are growing beyond my wildest dreams."

"Martha who? : )"
Galligan continues to work in his studio pushing the brush and discovering new ideas, partnerships and collaborations for Galligan Living. "I look forward to creating something with you. I have partners worldwide who can help us create and manufacture any idea we can dream up. Whether you are an interior designer, set decorator, entrepreneur, product manufacturer or owner of a chain of retail stores, think Galligan Living. We can offer you a unique combination of art and everyday products that will inspire sales, bring a breath of fresh air to your marketing, and create a world of smiles around your brand."


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The Man Behind the Brush
Chris Galligan

Christopher Galligan, a California native living in Los Angeles, began painting when he was 10 years old.

Galligan's style has won over collectors, interior designers, retail chains and pet lovers worldwide. Many of his paintings are displayed online at He has been featured nationally on television and in Hollywood movies, including "Scrubs," "Nip Tuck," "New Adventures of Old Christine," "Bones," "The X-list," "iCarly," "Medium," "House," "Parks and Recreation" and "Melrose Place." TV commercials include "Mega Millions," "Oreo," "Intuit," "KFC" and "Walmart." His work is also featured on the big screen in "The Hottie & the Nottie" starring Paris Hilton.

Galligan's paintings are owned by many well- known celebrities, including Anthony Hopkins ("The Silence of the Lambs"), Matthew McConaughey ("Fool's Gold" and "Sahara"), Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys), Carla Gucini ("Spy Kids"), John Cleese ("Monty Python"), Connie Britton ("Friday Night Lights"), Kate Beckinsale ("The Aviator"), Bill Maher, comedian and “Real Time” host, as well as motivational guru Anthony Robbins, just to name a few.

Galligan has been published in various magazines, including "Animal Fair," "944," "Metropolitan Home," "Coastal Living," "The Weekly Star", "Beauty News L.A.," "The Corsair," "Decor Magazine" and the list goes on…

Demand for Galligan’s work continues to flourish on the strength of gallery sales, word-of-mouth among collectors and media praise. Today, Galligan's work is headed in many exciting directions, with a number of new projects, such as a home-living line called Galligan Living that launched in 2010 with massive momentum. Its first line of products hit the shelves in thousands of stores nationwide and in Canada.

Chris Galligan is the proud father of two sons who continuously give him the motivation to keep refining and reinventing his craft. As a strong proponent of child and animal welfare, Galligan often donates his work to assistance organizations, and a portion of every sale goes to nonprofit groups who share his ideals of peace, harmony and happiness for all living creatures.


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