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In a city like Los Angeles, why stop at spoiling your pets with clothes, therapy, spa treatments and vacations? With artist Chris Galligan’s pet portraits, animal owners can now have beautiful and lasting pieces of art commemorating their furry friends.
Galligan, a Los Angeles native, began creating his whimsical pet portraits eight years ago by donating pieces of art to California zoos. After his mother’s friend commissioned him to paint her cats, word spread, and now almost a decade later, he is fielding requests from all over the country.

Recently, Galligan opened his online gallery at www.galligangallery.com where folks can commission him for personalized portraits, which constitute seventy-five percent of his business, or they can simply purchase prints from his various lines of animal portraits. He certainly hasn’t limited himself to cats and dogs however—Galligan has painted cows, rabbits, lizards, birds and even pot-bellied pigs to satisfy his animal loving clientele. He says the most popular orders are for wouldn’t you know, small dog paintings—Pugs, Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, and small Terriers.

After receiving a request for a commission, Galligan works off an owner provided picture and conducts a discussion as to the pet’s personality. The process from Galligan receiving a picture to the customer receiving the finished canvas takes about six weeks when it isn’t holiday season. Each creature has its own temperament, which Galligan infuses in every piece by combining his own interpretation of the animal with the background that the owner gives him. What the customer takes away at the end of the process is a painting of his beloved pet with the pet’s personality quirks shining through the canvas. Galligan offers portraits ranging from extra large (30x 30) to small (15x15), and with price points that cater to all kinds of customers, anyone can enjoy these youthful inspired tongue in cheek pieces.

You can contact Chris Galligan at galiguy@att.net or call (310) 838-7738.


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